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Puch Monza Grand Prix N50 Mopeds

This site is devoted to the most elegant and best mopeds of the 20th century - Puch N50. The N50 was made the years 1975-1987 at Steyr-Daimler-Puch Werke A.G. in Graz, Austria. Like always since the beginning in 1955, Puch was undoubtedly the leading brand in terms of quality and design. Traditions, prices, and legal restrictions limited the sale to a handful European countries. When the sale of mopeds went down to a minimum in the early 1980's the most of the European moped makers had to close down production. In 1987 these circumstances were putting an end to the great era of Puch mopeds.

Due to lack of time this site is written in mixed languages, chosen which happens to fit the context at the writing moment - I hope you can enjoy it anyhow.

This site has an old layout (coded 2010) which is not adaptive for small screen devices.

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